Saturday, 1 September 2007

Up, up and away

Despite Mexico City being the most expensive place in Mexico we decided to stay an extra day here so we could take in the ancient wonders of Teotihuacan.

But before we could climb the third largest pyramid in the world, we needed a hearty breakfast - and Debs found us an absolutely killer 24h diner called Cafe El Popular. Look at how pleased she is with herself and her frjoles revueltos con 2 huevos (beans and 2 eggs, scrambled):

I had the hotcakes, which were similarly sublime, as was the coffee, served chino style - the waitress pours super strong coffee from one jug into your tall glass until you say when, then fills up the rest with hot milk from another. Delicious!

Enough about food. Teotihuacan was suitably awesome, and hot. We didn´t hang around much - seen one spectacular Mexican ruin, seen em all - but we did climb up to the top of the Temple of the Sun, which was breathtakingly enormous:

Shortly after descending, we discovered that the cheap Kodak batteries we bought in a pound shop in Wandsworth (1 quid for 10 AA batteries, what could possibly go wrong?) - were absolutely shit. 1 shot and they´re done.

After all that culture we did bugger all. Sat in the hotel and watched reruns of Law and Order (Have you ever seen this show? It´s balls!), and then Mr Deeds, which was farcical and fun.

The maid in Hotel Isabel was probably completely baffled as to how we´d got through and binned 20 batteries in one day. But by the time she was wondering this, we were long gone, on our way to Guanajuato.


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leaky eye said...

You guys are looking like you're having loads of fun!!! Keep up the great reports!!! I read! I read!!