Saturday, 1 September 2007

Barbershops of the world, part 3

Peluqueria El Gallo in Guanajuato is the scene for a much needed beard trim, and hell why not since I´m here anyway I might as well do my head as well:

Cost 60 pesos (4 EUR) + a 10 peso tip, but don´t tell Debs ;-)
Cut quality 8/10
Fear factor 0/10
Comments: Excellent work all round, especially around the back of the head, according to Debs. Slightly overzealous work with the cut-throat razor on the cheeks, though, leading to a slightly rakish overall look. The chicas on the streets keep getting all flustered when I walk past...

On a side note: Internet perverts are stalking me! I put a photo of my Havana cut up on Flickr and it was favourited by some guy calling himself mzuri_mjinga. I think he might be gay. Also, he´s a member of the "haircuts fetishe" group... Hi guys! Plenty more hot scissor action coming your way from all round the world, right here, soon.


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