Wednesday, 19 September 2007

One day in LA

It's OK, we're back! We've been busy having fun in places where internet access is limited and expensive... OK, on with the travelogue.

We made it out of Los Mochis eventually, thanks to budget airline saviours Aero California, who flew us to Tijuana. From there we took a Greyhound bus over the border to LA - pain in the arse! We had to get off our bus at the border, be processed by the US immigration guys (surprisingly much less hardcore than expected), then get on another bus on the US side, after a 2 hour wait that nobody told us about. Thanks!

We finally arrived in LA at 8ish and high-tailed it to the Autobuses Americanos office to reclaim our ticket cost for the Chihuahua > LA ride that we never took. God bless you Autobuses Americanos people for refunding all but $20! You are nice people, and your guys then helped direct us to a nearby Motel for the night.

The amusingly named Destiny Inn was our bolt-hole for the evening. The best bit about it was its proximity to Dennys, just across the road, where we stuffed our faces with vegiburgers and fries, american style.

What a place! Described as "family-style, fast-food and steakhouse restaurants" - it's more like a safari park where you can observe the american lard-ass in its natural habitat. Thrill - as a rotund family orders enough food to sink a small ship! Gasp - at the mound of fries that accompanies your purchase of a burger! Enjoy - the sight of everyone leaving with a doggy bag - can you guess what's inside?

Seriously, it's quite an experience, and we revelled in a frenzy of over-consumption after a lean month in Mexico. Then we rolled out of the door and went to bed...

...and went straight back to Dennys in the morning for breakfast. Debs was upset that her French Toast was sweet - she thought it would be like straight up eggy bread. Ben, meanwhile, was delighted to get a refill of coffee, just like they do on TV.

Then like a knight on a white charger, Jim Holland rolled up in his Land Rover and, with his wife Diane, treated us to a day of LA fun.

We checked out the amazing Amoeba Records, had lunch in Santa Monica, went for a stroll down Venice Beach, debated the relative merits of bikes with pedal-back versus handlebar lever brakes, bought Ben some new sunglasses, got some healthy snacks at an organic shop whose name temporarily escapes me... something to do with nuts, I think, and finished off with drinks at an oceanside bar.

Super dooper multi-thanks to Jim and Diane for a very relaxing and pleasurable day!

LAX isn't a very good airport, by the way. Nothing to do but wait...


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