Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Cooking for Kicks

So, after the hectic few days in Mexico, we left the confort of LA and flew to the Cook Islands.

Since we only read up about a country on the plane on the way, we were a bit worried to read that pre-booking accomodation in the Cook Islands is essential, and thought we might not be allowed in, so were relieved when we were allowed in, and found somewhere to stay (Rarotonga Backpackers Hillside Reosrt) no probs.

In general though we didn't really do much in the Cook Islands. We sat in hammocks and read on the first day, then we did some sunbathing and snorkelling on the second day, and it rained (a lot) for the rest of the time so we stayed in the hostel and read lots of books.

Shame, but we needed to splat and relax for a while, so not really the end of the world, especially when we have another 11 months of sun and sea ahead of us, and Fiji is days away :)


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