Monday, 9 July 2007

The itinerary

We got the paperwork from Karl at Travel Nation on Saturday - tickets, route plan, little luggage tags and all. Here we go!

This should put an end to all those "So, where are you going?" questions people keep asking us... Also, we're visiting friends and family all the way round, so now you lucky people will have a better idea of when we'll be in your 'hood.

This is, of course, a provisional plan, details are subject to change without warning, investments can go down as well as up etc. If things change, we'll put it up in a new post.

Release the bats!

England - June 30th to August 2nd
Yarm - Sunday 1st
Skipton - Sunday 8th
Adel - Tuesday 10th
Farsley - Friday 13th
Ludlow - Sunday 15th
Birmingham - Friday 20th
Reading - Monday 23rd
London - Thursday 26th

Cuba - August 2nd to 9th
Havana all the way! Get the mojitos ready :-)

Mexico - August 9th to September 9th
Overland from Cancun to Los Angeles (USA). No real idea about what we're going to do, but it seems like the Yucatan bit is our best bet, so zooming around in that bit and ending up around Mexico City before zipping off to the States, possibly via Las Vegas/ the Grand Canyon, time and budget permitting.

Cook Islands - September 9th to 14th
Chilling in a desert island paradise.

[Cross the Date Line!]

Fiji - September 14th to 29th
Same as the Cook Islands. Probably do some diving and that. I want to touch a live fish.

New Zealand - September 29th to November 30th
Don't really know exact dates yet, but we're going North to South from Auckland to Christ Church over 2 months, stopping in Hamilton, Wellington and Wanaka along the way.

Australia - November 30th to January 30th
Similar to New Zealand. 2 months to go from Melbourne to Brisbane via Wangi (Xmas) and Sydney (New Year).

Lombok to Hanoi - January 31st to May 5th
This bit's also wide open. We arrive in Lombok (the island to the East of Bali) then head West and North through South East Asia. More than likely we'll take in the following: Bali, Mentawi Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

India - Chennai to Mumbai - May 5th to July 30th ish
No idea! We land in Chennai (a.k.a. Madras) and leave from Mumbai. We'll probably head South into Kerala and come up the West coast through Goa... but maybe we'll do something completely different.

And that's all the travelling. If you're anywhere along our route at a suitable sort of time, do get in touch so we can meet up and you can buy us some drinks ;-)



Niklas Larsson said...

Hi Ben and Debs, I'm a friend of Andreas who started working at mediacatlyst a while back and found your blog via his blog. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your voyage with everyone (especially me) and that I'll be watching over you for shure! Love /Niklas

Ben and Debs said...

@Niklas: Thanks Niklas - that's very sweet of you. Andreas is on fire! Say hi to him from us.

Leaky Eye said...

And they're off! Looking forward to hearing the adventures. Although as "last sonic standing" i feel it necc. to play SUgar Snap every night before I go to bed... then of course offer to teach it to any willing lassie I can find!!!
Stay kool! Miss ya already! bb

islandg*rl said...

Gotta love that photoshop work you did on the ticks, Ben!! :D

Ben and Debs said...

@islandg*rl: awww shucks ;-) actually - believe it or not - I did that in MS Paint! LOLz

islandg*rl said...

MS Paint??! *gasp* That explains how it became the true piece of art that it is!!!

Jamie said...

WOW. That's one helluva itinerary. Missing you guys!

By the way - our blog is here if you fancy periodic updates of sick, poo and maybe the odd intellectual nugget: