Tuesday, 19 June 2007

I'm officially unemployed!

How strange - I'm unemployed! I guess my job title is international traveller and land lady, because although I have no job, we do have tennants!

Here's the latest:

We found someone to rent our appartment! It's all going great. Finding people to move in has been a great weight of both of our minds, and the tennants are perfect too, so we're very happy.

The health insurance is also sorted (we hope). I spoke to someone nice at Menzis (shock, horror!) and she's sorting it for us. Now I need to get to the post office and send the letter.

Later today I'll also book the tickets, which I hope will still be available (!), so I'll post the final details and dates when we have them.

Exciting! Things are finally falling into place.

Debs, x


William George Bulham II said...

Kaloo kalaay! Glad to hear that the pad is rented!!! Man you guys are gunna have so mucho fun! It's just a shame you can't catch Pearl Jam in Nijmegen before you skee-daddle! Heh heh. See you Saterdeh? for tears und beers. Luvs, BB... last Sonic holding down the fort.

Ben and Debs said...

Yo yo Billy! Yeah, we're proper *gutted* about missing them... hem hem...

See you Saturday. Hope you like champagne!

Rachel said...

hey there - sniff, sniff. Is weird without you here...Hope to see you next week. Sorry we can't come to the party - it really sucks!