Thursday, 21 June 2007

God has shat on our heads

Damn it, someone's only gone and done a hit and run on us..!

I parked the car on Monday night after work and discovered the front panel all bashed in last night.

We went to the cop shop and filed a report, and I took it to the garage this morning and they said I can take it back on Monday and they'll have it fixed by Wednesday, so it isn't the end of the world.

The worse thing is that we have someone coming to test drive it at the weeekend, finally, but we'll just have to explain the situation and hope they're still interested.




Rachel said...

The bastards! Was probably someone trying to read the sign ;-)

Leaky Eye said...

Argh. What a pain. Just had a conversation today about unneccessary car expenses... glad I'm cycle powered. That said someone piked my lights last week... See ya tomo!!! And yes, always game for a wee bit of champers!!!

david said...

don't worry, i have cast a spell in retaliation and the culprits bollocks will go square and rot at the edges.