Friday, 4 July 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 24

I never made it to a barber in Agra. There was a cool looking one in the Taj Ganj area, but it was too early in the morning and there were too many damn flies buzzing around. And you couldn't see the Taj Mahal from it, so - no point.

So I ended up with a quick and slightly pricey beard snip in Colaba, Mumbai. Asif, my barber, seemed like a friendly enough guy, but he quickly lost interest in being nice when I turned down his offer of a "good massage" for the third time. Meanwhile, his colleague was pestering Debs with facial massage offers - also refused, cos we can do all that business ourselves now.

So Asif continued to whisper creepily to me about massages, while squeezing my bicep and running the clippers over my face in a desultory manner. Hence the fear factor. I dunno why they're so secretive about it. Debs reckons it's cos they're secret gaylords who can't resist a hairy man in a vest :-)

[Pic to follow, the internet cafes here are really grotty and I don't want to stick my USB in their virus-ridden sockets]

Cost Rs 65 (EUR 1)
Cut quality 6/10
Fear factor 2/10

So, not a brilliant cut, but at least my face is tidy enough to avoid being catcalled "Ali Baba" on the flight back to London... which is tomorrow, w00t w00t! See ya later India, I'm off to get shaved in Turkey.


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Mel or Phil said...

Heh heh! sticking your USB in a virus-ridden sockets.. ;)