Saturday, 14 June 2008

Life in the clouds

This is more like it. We made it up to McLeod Ganj on Thursday and have spent the last 2 days drifting around in the mist, enjoying the cool temperatures and being teased by the cheeky waiters in the restaurants.

Apparently the views up here are pretty spectacular. Shame we can't really see them properly at the moment - we just catch glimpses through gaps in the cloud. And then there's the rain. Seems the monsoon has rocketed up to the north of India about a month early. Last night it bucketed down for about 6 or 7 hours straight. Super crazy thunderstorm action that kept knocking out our hotel's electricity like an EMP - pretty impressive! Fortunately it had stopped by midnight so I could watch the Netherlands whip France 4-1 at football.

It's a lot less mental up here, and we're really enjoying the place and the atmosphere. We're definitely going to stay for at least a week, maybe 2, and just did a bit of research into the various courses you can do up here. So far we have rejected a 10-day introduction to Buddhism cos we would have had to sleep apart and remain silent for the entire duration of the course. The thought of Debs not saying a word for even 10 minutes is pretty funny, but 10 days? LOLz!

So I'm going to check out some T'ai-Chi stuff and Debs is looking at Yoga classes. Maybe also Tibetan massage. Definitely some cooking classes too; hope we can find ones that are more hands-on than the last one we tried, where we just sat there making notes while Mrs Roy did all the prep and cooking.

6 weeks of our year off remain, and it's natural that we're starting to look forward to going home and getting plugged back into our working lives and networks again. What both of us are most looking forward to though, is a cold glass of crisp Heineken, getting back into our kitchen, and sleeping together in our own double bed (instead of two singles pushed together).

So I've got about 42 days to come up with a decent name for my new company that somebody hasn't already thought of and nabbed the URL for. Oh! I just had a new idea... watch this space!



Mel or Phil said...

Hey there! Glad to hear things have chilled out and settled down for youse guys. It would be such a pity for your time travelling to end on a bum note... Yoga, Tai chi and cooking all sound like great things to get up to, wish we could be there too. Debs (& Ben ;) ) - check out our blog for first baby pics (from latest scan) half way there already! Sending cheese roll thoughts your way... xox Mel & Phil

Bill B said...

Hey Kids!!!

Wow you guys have the ZANIEST adventures! Awesome!!! Time is starting to go by quickly, isn't it????

When is it roughly when you get back??? Not to remind you, like....

Much love!