Friday, 16 May 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 20

We're in Varkala, Kerala, South West India. Here they have yoga, herbs, reiki, singing bowls and crystals: where there's healing, there's hippies, and where there are hippies, there's hair! Seems every other foreign man on the subcontinent is determined to grow or a topknot, plus a tangly beard.

Not me! I'm happy to fly the flag for short, short hair. No nits, on me, no sir. Also, in this heat my big fluffy head makes my face look like a mouldy tomato. So... off to the barbers again - or rather, the Gents Beauty Parlour, as they call them over here.

This shop was down a dark alley in Varkala town. Looked a bit like a florist, and did an OK job. Number 2 on my head, number 1 on the face. Had to jolly him along a bit to trim my moustache properly (it's like Mexico all over again), and those flashing scissors near my nose were less effective than they were scary.

Cost: 70Rs (EUR 1.10)
Cut quality: 6/10
Fear factor: 1/10

Since this haircut was substantially cheaper than the ripoff guy who did me in Chennai, I thought I'd splash out a bit and get myself some new shoes.. My life is like a backpacker version of Sex in the City! I'm off to get myself on the outside of a Tom Collins, see you later, mwah!


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