Thursday, 24 April 2008

Let's go Giants!

Baseball rocks! Our Tokyo Dome experience started on Wednesday when we went over there to buy our tickets for the Thursday night game: Yomiuri Giants vs the Yokohama Bay Stars. Having been advised by some passing Americans to get tickets in the outfield (for maximum superfan rowdiness) we popped upstairs to ride Thunder Dolphin - the badass rollercoaster with the cutest name in the world. Sheer terror/fun - I was totally yelling on the big drop, then giggling all the way round aftewards. Another Y1000 well spent.

Come Thursday night we were buzzing with excitement, and we'd barely taken our seats before the Giants hit a home run right into our section to go 3-0 up in the 1st inning.

It only got better from there as we learned the chants, bought Y800 beers from the beer girls, and made friends with the fans in our little area. They even lent us their little orange towels so we could wave them around when the Giants did something good. Sweet!

Seriously the most well organised, polite and delightful crowd ever. The Giants ended up winning 6-2, by which time we were red-faced and super-happy.

Our thanks go to Yebisu, Kirin and Asahi breweries. Also to Sakamoto, Ramirez, Gonzalez and the rest of the Giants. Debs is now officially a baseball fan.

For the record, this kicks the arse of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and was actually even better fun than Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling). Now wer're looking forward to taking in a cricket match in India.


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Anonymous said...

Hey ben und debs,

we are home now for several weeks already and i still love to read your blog. Being home and doing the typical working and learning week again is entirely boring.
Have a lot of fun on your worldtrip.

david - one of the german hikers.