Thursday, 27 March 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 16

I didn't really need a cut, but we're in Savannakhet, about to head off for a 3 day trek into the wilderness of the Dong Phu Vieng NPA and I wanted to look a bit presentable for the villagers we meet on the way. Also, Big beards get sweaty.

But it wasn't even big, just kinda grown in... on the way from stubble to beard. Whatever, I don't need a reason to treat myself to a bit of grooming fun, especially when the barbershop looks as cool as this:

Deftly leaping the language barrier by pointing at my face and making a buzzing noise, I lay back in the antique chair and let the guy get to work. Turned out he's a bit of a pro! No need for a guard on the blades - he just used the clippers on grade 0 with a comb to trim me into shape.

Pretty good job, too, although he missed a couple of long, upper-lip stragglers. Tut tut.

Cost 5000 Kip (EUR 0.4)
Cut quality 6/10
Fear factor 1/10

New "cheapest haircut in the world" record!


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Anonymous said...


Just thought Id let you know we're still keeping updated on your global shenanigans. The haircut thing slays me every time.

Hi from Jacson, Carys just started crawling, Ness and me both as we were...eek! Oh Sora Shima just supported Broken Social Scene and Spectrum (also Dimmer with Dino on drums - remember him from Wellington?) - things are generally good. I resigned from my job on Friday....not sure i know what i am doing any more haha....will be a full time dad from end April, yeah!

Stay safe...Lots of love Rob, Ness, Jacs and Carys xxx