Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 15

I left this one a bit too long. I've been sweating my way through the past week or so with a luxuriant bush covering my chin. No more! The locals in Luang Prabang directed us down the street to a very stimulating little barber shop called whatever this says:

I got the works this time, head and face, and my barber did a meticulous job of everything. Nice and slow with the clippers. Good comb work for that stylish fade effect. Full seat recline during the mouth area cut. Plenty of brushing and slapping to remove hair clippings... and finally a shoulder massage and neck crack - ooyah!

Cost 30000 Kip (EUR 2.20)
Cut quality 8/10
Fear factor 3/10 (slightly worried he was going to break my neck)

Couple of nice bonuses on this one: I was joined in the shop by Ross, who we met on the Gibbon Experience and then slow boated down the Mekong with. He had a proper cut-throat razor face shave, which he said was a bit rough... Also, there was some high-quality soft porn on the walls. Motor oil adverts with coy looking girls, you know the sort of thing. And alongside this, a classy picture of a young gent with a pocket watch and pipe.

Just my kind of place.


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