Friday, 15 February 2008

Sunglasses I have known and destroyed

Debs hates me. It's because I take absolutely no care at all of my cheap-ass sunglasses, then act all surprised when they break. Here's my track record so far:
  1. EUR 14 Dunlop aviators from Teesside Park. Lens popped out.
  2. EUR 5 aviators from Amsterdam. Arm fell off.
  3. EUR 3.5 gold aviators from Cancun - bad quality to start with. Got all sloppy. Chucked em.
  4. EUR 10 for 2 pairs of aviators on Venice Beach, LA. 1 pair - lens cracked. 2nd pair - lost in sea at Bondi Beach, Sydney.
  5. EUR 20 red fashion 80s specs from JayJays, Dunedin. Arm snapped off in Brisbane. I think Joey rescued them from the bin.
  6. EUR 15 red fashion specs from Bondi Beach. Arm snapped off en route to Lombok. Debs absolutely furious! Then the lens fell out too.
  7. EUR 2.50 black aviators from Seminyak, haggled down from EUR 11! Currently going strongish, having been a little bit mangled by DEBS - LOL!
And that's all the sunglasses for now. More exciting eyewear updates as they happen!

Debs, by the way, is still on her first pair. Well, her second pair, but only cos she gave one pair away in Brisbane, and she never really liked them anyway. How clever is she?


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