Thursday, 31 January 2008

Into the orient

...and so, after several months of relative normality in NZ and Australia, your intrepid bloggers girded their loins, repacked their rucksacks, threw away a load of crap and got on a flight to the middle of god-knows-where.

Singapore Air is a great airline! I love all that video-on-demand stuff, although watching films on planes is never as good as the cinema. Or telly. Anyway, I saw the Bourne Ultimatum (same as the other 2) and most of Transformers (stoopid), plus the pilot of the Bionic Woman (also quite stoopid)... and then before I knew it I was eating a weird in-flight breakfast and touching down for a quick few hours in Singapore.

Our friends live there! Yay! Last seen in Skipton, North Yorks, Steve and Zoe have recently relocated to sunny SG, where they live in the excitingly named "Nexus" building, which has a massive swimming pool.

We ate some cheese on toast, had a swim, then went for lunch. Check out these cans of pop. Awesome names!

And then suddenly we're back in SG airport, 8 hours after we landed, catching a flight to Mataram and oh my goodness what the hell are we doing, I'm not at all sure we're going to like this...


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