Thursday, 21 February 2008

I Survived Indonesia

.. to coin a phrase from the t-shirt worn by a tourist in Jakarta Airport.

It's been a pretty rough month for me in Indonesia. Not sure if it was caused by the mayhem that is Indonesia, or the fact that it was our first destination on the Asia leg of the tour, but I've been feeling really low lately.

Although we've had some scary moments on this trip, I've never felt as scared and jumpy as I did in Indonesia, and I remained in that weird mood from the moment we arrived until the day before we left. I'm generally a little bit paranoid about safety anyway (I never get into a car without putting my seatbelt on. Well, I never used to - now the cars I get into don't even have seatbelts), but reading about the bombings, volcanoes, floods, dodgy airlines (who I refused to fly with) of recent times turned me into a paranoid freak.

Indonesia is a beautiful place, and I'm really glad we went, but I found Java a particularly tough place to travel around, and I was glad to get out of there to be honest. Shame, but that's the truth.

Anyway, thanks to Ben's patience and general loveliness, I've come out smiling, thnk god, because I was really low for a while there and very homesick. I still miss everyone back home, but I don't want to come home yet because I'm having a blast in Bangkok and can't wait to see what the rest of Asia has to offer.

In hindsight, maybe Indonesia was a good place to start, because now I'm prepared for (almost) anything, and everywhere else seems relatively easy in comparison :)


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Anonymous said...

Bjorn zegt..

Stopped reading the blog as I thought you might settle down in NwZld or Aus..what do I read.. oh dear..hope your okay again.

I'm doing okay Debs,still danincg away Brazilian stlye these days.

Hopefully you did get a T-shirt
"I survived Indonesia"..