Friday, 8 February 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 13

Number 13... unlucky for some, but auspicious and delicious for me! In a world exclusive, never before in the history of mankind, super exciting one-off event, I met up with my friend Andreas on his birthday and got simultaneous haircuts! OMFGLOLz!

I had saved up a full 3 weeks worth of growth on my face plus 6 weeks of head fuzz. Andreas was rocking a tufty chin that had been left to grow wild since the end of 2007! Truly, a thicket of facial excitement for some lucky, lucky barbers to trim and prune.

Our fortunate cutters were the experienced gentlemen of Potong Rambut, which is in Seminyak, Bali.

I went for my standard number 3 on top, number 1 on the face, while Andreas, rigid with excitement, opted for smooth cheeks to complement a rather rakish goatee. Cut throat razors were expertly wielded, and - new technique! - a piece of sponge was put to good use picking up all the loose bits of hair that fly around your face. Impressive work!

Cost 15000 Rupiah for me, 7000 for Andreas (EUR 1.10 and 0.50 respectively)
Cut quality 9/10
Fear factor 0/10 for us, but I think the barbers were a bit confused by paparazzi Debs and Henrik

Definitely the best price/quality ratio so far. How can I top this one?



Andreas said...

loves it!
thanks for a wonderful event/night/dinner/naked hugs

thomas said...

i could really use a shave right now, cant seem to find a barber in brazil though :( looking good btw!