Saturday, 19 January 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 12

Dunno what to write about this one... a pretty unremarkable beard trim in a bog standard barber shop in Byron Bay.

Not a very chatty barber this time, despite his Liverpudlian roots. He did clamp my head in a good, firm left-hand grip though, which was both reassuring and disturbing (hence the fear factor score).
One thing I haven't mentioned in past posts is how most barbers always miss a bit. Usually around the chin/ jawline/ moustache area. This one left a tufty patch on my right cheek, which Debs later trimmed off with our 1st aid bandage scissors (also Debs' fringe scissors). Sloppy work, clipsters - sort it out!

Cost 5 AUS dollars (EUR3)
Cut quality 6/10
Fear factor 1/10

Here I am doing robotics outside the shop:

Will my next cut be a quick once over in Brisbane, or will I hold out for an adventure in the wilds of Indonesia... stay tuned!


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