Monday, 17 December 2007


We went to the Meredith Music Festival with Baz! It's west of Melbourne. 10,000 people on farmland with 1 stage, a few dozen bands and a load of flies.

No chance of getting a coherent account of what went on there, so you'll have to make do with this stream of semi-consciousness instead:

Driving there in the General Lee; great compost toilets; flies; excellent burgers; eskies; some really dreadful bands; ID for booze; flies; a bit of rain; friendly people; Andrew W.K. being surprisingly entertaining - very good crowd work; flies; Art Brut (Top of the Pops!) doing some first class stand up/spiky punk nonsense; the Meredith Gift - a nude 100m dash; ultra-prepared camp-mates - they even had a little paddling pool for foot cooling purposes.

Yes, we got drunk. Duty Free vodka is the way forward. We even took little cups, plus lemons and a penknife to slice 'em up.

In summary: great festival, shame there weren't more good bands on.


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