Sunday, 12 August 2007

Havana good time (kinda)

Phew, it´s been 10 days since we left blighty, so sorry we´ve kept you on tenderhooks, but here we are!

So, we´ve been to Cuba and now we´re in Mexico. Cuba was shit! We arrived on Thursday, to a really nice casa particulare where the owner Fabio kept stealing pieces of furniture from our room whilst we were out (no joke, first the bedside tables, then the mirror, then the bed!) but we got him back by breaking the toilet seat..! (which we had to pay for - doh!)

Havana looks cool, and it was nice to find our travelling feet there a bit, but a week there was too long, especially on a budget. It´s rip-off central, and the dual currency (everything is in pesos for the locals and convertable pesos (CUCs) for the tourists) makes it non-negotiable and really unfair.

Anyway, when we weren´t telling people where we were from, refusing dodgy cigars, or trying to get a decent meal (impossible!), we actually did some cool things. Highlights are the Jardi Botanico (where ants ravaged Deb´s leg!), the mojitos (yum):

(Apologies for bad hair. It´s growing out, and life without a hairdryer/hairdresser is tough.)

... a salsa band fronted by an Ainsley Harriott lookalike:

... and the cars of course:

All in all, it was OK, but Mexico is much nicer and really hassle free. Plus it rained tonight and it´s nice and cool, so we´re happy. More on Mexico soon.


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