Friday, 24 August 2007

The good the bad and the ugly

We also wanted to blog about stuff we love and hate on this trip, so here it is:

  • iPod and Sony Ericsson phone chargers work everywhere, on all voltages. Handy.
  • Hand sanitiser - brilliant!
  • Silk sleeping bag liners - luxury, although we think ours might have bugs in them now. Does anyone have any tips on how to de-bug?
  • 10000 dice game (Debs is the champ!)
  • Travelling by camionetas (pick up trucks) and collectivos (mini-busses) - cheap, cheap, cheap!
  • Debs´hippy headband
  • Internet access everywhere
  • People are reading our blog. Thanks!
  • One of our photos of Chitchen Itza is being used in a news article. Nice.
  • Ben´s prescription goggles - awesome! Now I can see the sharks coming before they bite me on the ass


  • Mosquitos - DEET doesn´t seem to work, but we just found some Off! spray in the shops so hopefully we´ll have more luck with that.
  • Self imposed street food ban - It´s for our own good, but elotes (corn on the cob smeared with chilli etc) look good. Damn it.
  • Sand - Gets everywhere.
  • Kids on busses. Shut up!
  • Posh public school girl travellers.
  • The way Ben/ Debs types...!
  • Debs has a right mop top. Heh!
  • Bitten legs.

Debs and Ben

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Toon said...

b&d ... how can i say it: thanks for sharing the dream ...

I will think off some easy meals .. what equipement do you have ?