Thursday, 28 June 2007

What a week


This week has kicked our arses. Sorting and packing and cleaning and calling and lifting and carrying and crying and laughing... but pretty much that sort of laughing that you have to do otherwise you'd have to cry :-s

Fuck, I tellya, today was just the fucking pits.

You may have seen my jaiku earlier about how if you have 6 cubic metres of stuff to put in storage, the absolute last thing you want to do is hire a 6 cubic metre storage space. 9 would be more like it.

Loading up the trailer was bad enough. Carrying boxes of LPs downstairs, I was doing that World's Stongest Man "Atlas Ball stagger". And it took a bit of juggling to fit everything in. And then a really slow drive to Huur Een Box.

And then we got to the storage place - a nice facility, reasonably priced, and ably staffed by friendly Floor (that's a girl's name in Dutch, BTW). We had already revised our reservation upwards from 4.5 to 6 m3... and in fact, we did indeed have pretty much exactly 6m3 of stuff. But...

You need room to manoeuvre. We didn't think of this. It took a full 3 and a half hours to get/ jam our shit into that tiny little room. Debs almost got squashed when boxes collapsed on top of her, then went all weird and started ranting about dimensions.

Finally we finished (bar half a dozen boxes, my lovely Rhythm Ace, old amp and a couple of other bits), came home and collapsed. Rach and Paul came round and we stuffed ourselves with reward pizza and beer. Lekker.

Tetris has nothing on us.

Now we are totally fuxx0red.

Bedtime. Tomorrow I'll add a picture of my buised forearms - they'll look super-impressive then.


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Rachel said...

You forgot to mention that Debs showed us her knickers ;-)