Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Support // suspense


It's a big thing, this: we're constantly vacillating between excitement and something like dread at the prospect of whatever the hell it is we're letting ourselves in for.

Good things!
Today I sent a load of emails to clients, letting them know what I was up to. I got some very gratifying and revealing responses - not only have plenty of people done this sort of thing themselves, but many are also planning similarly big things for themselves over the next few years. Not necessarily world tours, but - you know - big and exciting things, rather than the usual 9-5. Nice to hear.

Less good things!
This evening we did a bit of research into where to stay when we get to Havana. Ho! Tricky enough finding out about the exchange rate for their convertible currency units... and then we go to TripAdvisor to search for hotels. Whoah mama! "On the first night there was NO WATER and then it was cold for the next two days, but cold water's common for Cuban hotels" ... "[no] toilet seat, but this is common in Cuba" ... "food in cuba is not very good".

Pack your bags love, we're on our way! Heh. Nice to have a challenge - even nicer to have lots of challenges at once?

Finally, there's this whole thing with Castro media blitzing his health and comfort. Being familiar with the way Communists manage their publicity, this pretty much certainly translates as "I'm about to die" ;-)

Oh yeah, and apparently the best thing we can take to give to people is PENS. Don't ask me why, but it seems that the Cubans pretty much fall over themselves for pens.

I quite like em too.



Anonymous said...

Bon voyage to both of you - have a wicked adventure!

The food in Cuba is bloody horrible if you go wrong - me and my mate found an Italian place in Havana that we clung to for dear life. Great cigars though!

I'm sure you'll end up having a mojito in La Bodeguita del Medio. I saw the best band in there - recommend it.

See ya,

Ben and Debs said...

Yes, oh yes, we shall bathe in mojitos. I'm also pretty keen to hear someone playing that "Chan Chan" song LIVE!

claycock said...

Make sure you buy some super strong cuban insect repellent called REPEL - it's bringht red - when you get there as it is the only thing that gets rid of them. and you have to somther it all over yourself!!! nice if you want to cuddle up and do some kissing as it stinks and takes disgusting. Enjoy!